It is felt by many that an automobile is the box that excitement comes in. We at the Lang Collection subscribe to this theory. Our vehicles cover a range of automotive history going back over 100 years. Many are proud of their Canadian pedigree having been born (designed and built) and lived out their lives in Canada while the rest are thankful they were adopted into a good Ontario family. All of our vehicles are in running order, are licensed and insured, and, they are exercised often.

The collection ranges from historically significant firsts, design and engineering breakthroughs, and many prime examples of the evolution of those “boxes that excitement comes in.” And as a nod to our collective memories and aspirations, we are displaying a full selection of `60’s Muscle Cars and classic rag tops!

As you flip through the web-site, turn the pages of this book, or walk the isles of the collection itself touring the actual cars, we hope memories of your younger days and aspirations come back to you too!


Elaine and Tony Lang


All materials in this book has been

researched, adapted, organised,

and/or written by

Delvin W. Johnston

Kettering, OH