*This car has been sold*


Engine: 185.8 CID 4 cylinder 62 HP Transmission: Standard 3 speed

Wheelbase: 112” 4 wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes

Exterior Color: Red Interior Color: Cream

Of special note: 1 of only 373 ever made.

This first product from the new Chrysler Corp was powered by the carryover, highly reliable Maxwell 4 cylinder power plant. Advertisements of the period say the F58 “offered 3 quality combinations found in no other car: 58 miles an hour, 2 to 25 miles an hour in 8 seconds, and at 25 miles to the gallon.” On top of that it is a beautiful car!

An extremely intensive restoration of this rare Canadian model was undertaken with every body panel being removed and the entire wood frame being restructured and refitted. Every panel was painstakingly refitted many times for exact fit and alignment. All wood has been refinished to expose the craftsmanship. Every part was attended to carefully.

Mechanically a complete nut and bolt restoration was performed with no expense spared. New tires mounted on re-wooded artillery wheels with matching hardware. All trim nickel plated as per the original factory specifications.

1926 Chrysler F58 5 Passenger

Touring Convertible

Posted by Bob DeKome (May 2, 2016)

Chrysler Corporation was officially founded in 1925 after Walter P. Chrysler took on the reorganization of the ailing Maxwell Motor Company. Development of an all-new model was already underway, as Mr. Chrysler had the vision of a mass-market car that was higher quality than a Ford, yet more affordable than a Buick. Chrysler engineers pushed hard in 1925 to bring the stylish F58 to market but most of the production was in 1926. That was an exciting year for Chrysler, as it was the first year a Chrysler vehicle ever aced the Indianapolis 500.

Production of the new Model F58 began in December of 1925, with direct drive-line lineage back to the Maxwell and is named for its effortless cruising speed of 58 mph. Chrysler’s brochure boasted that the four-cylinder, 5 passenger convertible `offered 3 qualities combined in no other car – 58 mile per hour, 2 to 25 MPH in8 seconds, and 25miles to the gallon.’

Surviving F58’s are exceedingly rare and it is viewed by most MOPAR historians as the very genesis of the Chrysler brand. It would not take Chrysler long to evolve into a full line brand and a part of the Detroit Big Three.

Under the hood of this 5 passenger open car is four-cylinder ngine that displaces 186 cubic-inches producing 38 horsepower, mated to three-speed manual gearbox with floor shift controls and a conventional clutch.