1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi 4 Speed Convertible                                         NO 45


Believed to be the finest 1967 GTX 426 Hemi 4 speed convertible built.

This is 1 of only 7 GTX convertibles with the massive 426 cu in /425 HP Hemi  Engine and 4 speed transmission built in 1967.


425 HP @ 5000 RPM                                  Torque: 490 lbs @ 4000 RPM

Dual Four Barrel Carburetors

0 -60 Time:           4.8 sec                            Quarter Mile: 13.5 sec @ 105 MPH

Completely restored to factory new condition

Upon close inspection, you will even see the black over spray behind the grill, just like in 1967.

Car restored by MOPAR guru HAROLD SULLIVAN of Detroit.


1967 Hemi Convertible GTX


Why would they put a huge 425 hp Hemi engine in a light car like a Belvedere?  The answer: Because they could!  And the result is this rare beauty that graces the Lang Collection today.

And just how rare is it?  Only seventeen Hemi convertibles were produced in total in 1967 and then ten of those were TorqueFlite automatics leaving only seven 4 speed trannies to come out of the factory!  It is very rare! The original tariff on this beauty was $4,509.25 out the door.  Needless to say it is worth a lot more now a days.

According to Dale Amy, “Logically there is good reason for this scarcity… Plymouth’s GTX was introduced in `67 as luxury performers, each lavishly equipped for the day and featuring a torque rich 375hp 440 cid engine as standard equipment.  In (1967) . . . the revered but marginally civilized 426hp Street Hemi was the only optional step-up over the 440 – and it was a steep step at around a $564 premium. That so few Hemi’s were ordered in the convertible models would come as no surprise based on price alone.  Besides the average Hemi guy wouldn’t normally saddle his (Hemi) with a heavy (about 4200 pounds) convertible body.”  So, they were rare right out of the box.

Among the visual “tells” on a GTX is slightly modified dog-bone shaped grill with a red and white strip added to the center.  The two faux scoops on the hood are the easiest hint that this was not your normal Belvedere. Other tells are on the front fender that feature the normal Belvedere emblems but also feature the “GTX” emblem just below them.  This model also features a pit stop fuel filler cap, which does not unscrew.  You press the fuel nozzle into the cap and it opens with moderate pressure. Lastly the GTX tail light panel has a solid red bar on the top and bottom.

There are two major mechanical parts to the rarity of this GTX drop-top.  First centers on the fact that it features the optional dual four barrel 426 Hemi V-8 Engine, which cranks out an incredible 425 hp at 5,000 rpm and 490 pound feet of torque at 4,000 rpm.

The second part of this rare vehicle is the fact that it features a four-speed manual transmission.  “With this transmission also came a 9.75-inch (Dana 60 housings) ring gear in the axle, a 3.54-1 Sure Grip (Track Pak) axle ratio, making it acceptable to drive at highway speeds; double breaker distributor, which is harder to tune but increases spark efficiency; and a free wheeling fan, which minimizes horsepower-robbing resistance on the engine when cooling is not needed.”

This GTX, originally built in the St. Louis Plant, “was carefully restored to be in better than new condition then it was hit with a perfect coating of primer and Chrysler Code-R Yellow paint – the original color of the car.  This resulted in an absolutely-perfect finish that would make the original paint job look amateurish at best.”

This example found today in acknowledged as the Lang Collection is the finest 1967 GTX Hemi 4 speed convertible in existence today!