1970 CHEVELLE LS6 CONVERTIBLE                                                                          NO 97


Real LS6 454 cu in / 450 HP                (Underrated) 500 Foot-pounds of torque

It is believed that less than 18 LS6 Convertibles with 4-Speed transmission were built during the 1970 Model Year.

This vehicle is 1 of 3 1970 LS6 convertibles Registered in Chevelle LS6 Registry

4 Speed Transmission                        3.31:1 Positraction Differential

Documented with Build Sheet and Protecto-Plate

Built at the Baltimore factory

The Chevelle 454 LS6 represents the pinnacle and last gasp of the Muscle Car Era of the 1960’s.  Higher insurance rates, increasing government rules, and fuel and emission changes all contributed the end to the classic years of flying “Detroit Iron.”


1970 Chevelle SS LS6


The big news for the 1970 Chevelle SS was RPO Z15. “The mighty SS454 became available in two flavors, the LS5 with 360hp, and the ground-shaking, earthquake-inducing LS6 with 450hp.  One can’t underemphasize the significance of the LS6.  There are just a handful of true Mega-Motors from this era: Ford’s 427 Side-Oiler, the 426 Hemi, the Corvette L88… and the LS6. If the small block was “The Mouse that Roared”, hence the `Mouse Motor’, then the big block must be the rat, a mighty big rat, hence the nickname `Rat Motor.’ The LS6… at 450hp was its ultimate manifestation and just in time too, as 1970 turned out to be the peak of the first Great American Muscle Car Era.  From 1971 on, rising gas prices, increased pressure from insurance companies, and government mandated smog equipment crippled performance and horsepower dropped steadily, year-by-year well into the 1980’s when technology finally began to catch up. The LS6 was a 1970-only option, gone by `71 when the only 454 was the 360hp LS5 (still a heckava motor).

“In 1970, an LS6 equipped Chevelle SS454 could burn through a quarter- mile in the low 12’s at 112 mph+.  The 450 claimed horsepower was actually grossly underestimated by Chevrolet (like all the big blocks of the era) for `political reasons’, and was probably more like 500hp.” As of 2017 there were only 137 registered LS6’s in the National Chevelle LS6 Registry.  Truly a rare car!

The 1970 Model Chevelle featured an all new exterior giving it a much more muscular look. The four headlights were flared into the front fascia on either side of a big formal grill separated by the horizontal Chevy Bar.  The tail lights were square set in the rear bumper with horizontal chromed strips running across their lenses.

The interiors were also completely revamped for the 1970 models.  Whereas the `69 models had a dash board with two large dials with a smaller on in the center. The new models had three large dials flanked by two smaller ones.  Also, in the `69 models had a dash pad that stretched side to side in one sweeping surface, the 1970 had a raised portion around the instrument cluster and the heater controls, and a dropped section over the glove box.

The Lang Collection is proud to feature so many of these classic big-block engines powering some of the most beautiful vehicle designs ever built.